90s Comic Books Worth Money

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Comic Books from the 90s are unanimously worthless… mostly. They are worth the stories they contain and not much else. There are a few that stand out that will take in more than a few bucks. In fact there are a lot more hidden treasures than you may have thought. So before you toss that long box (affiliate link) directly into the trash, give it a quick scan for some of these key issues.

Bone 1 (1991)

This early 90s comic was influenced by Pogo, and won a ridiculous about of awards. This is one of those comic books worth money that someone could easily overlook if they were not looking for it. A classic that is has not been easily forgotten has made this comic book highly collectable (Affiliate Link).

Cry For Dawn 1 (1989)

Technically not a 90s comic, this Joseph Linsner comic book had some ground-breaking horror stories as well as the introduction to fan favorite character Dawn. Combine the significance of a cool character with a cool artist and you have comic gold.

Strangers In Paradise 1 (1993)

The first printing of this comic book was Terry Moore‘s breakthrough work. Containing his most memorable characters which included Katina, David and Francine, this landmark comic brings in a ridiculous amount of cash (Affiliate Link) and among the most elusive 90s comic books worth money.

Ultimate Spider-Man 1 (2000)

At the end of the 90s came a comic book series aimed at a younger generation. Retelling Spider-Man’s origin from the beginning, it went on to become a popular television show. Now it is highly collectable (Affiliate Link).

Superman 75 Bagged Platinum Edition (1995)

In this issue, Superman dies. A gazillion worthless copies were printed for collectors, but the most prestigious version was with a black plastic bag and a bleeding silver Superman symbol. As no one was crazy enough to buy this back then, it now fetches in a hefty amount of money.

New Mutants 98

Another among the 90s comic books worth money is the first appearance (Affiliate Link) of Deadpool. Before the character became his wise-cracking self, he was just a generic assassin that no once cared about. The comic found its way into the dollar bin for years (like all the other New Mutant issues) until people caught on to this Rob Liefeld fan-favorite.

Honorable Mentions

Here are some that are not worth a ton of money, but are worth keeping an eye out for.

Uncanny X-men 266 (1990) First appearance of Gambit
GI Joe Special (1995)
Sonic The Hedgehog 1, 2 or 3 (1993)
Harbinger 1 (1992)
Next Men 21 (1993)
Preacher 1 (1995)

So as you can see, there are quite a few comics from this time period that may dissolve your disbelief. Any others you think worth adding to this list? Leave a comment below.