3rd Birthday PSP Game

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If you had ever played the Parasite Eve series of games, you may have wondered about the 3rd Birthday PSP game. Full of action, costumes and accessories, the gameplay is not unlike Mindjack. As a sexy protagonist, your clothes become scant and torn as you gain damage.

As I have mentioned, the 3rd Birthday PSP game is like Mindjack, where you can jump into other people’s bodies. Just to review the plot really quick, you are helping out the United States National Guard as they fight aliens. The game lets you switch weapons which alternate from the M-16, shotgun, and some weapon that looks like the hammer of dawn in the Gears of War series.
3rd Birthday Weapons
The 3rd Birthday also has some cool unlockable costumes, such as a bathing suit, santa outfit, and a suit of armor. It has some interesting gameplay, such as the overdrive function. When going into overdrive, you go berserk and become invisible while you teleport around at enhanced speeds.
3rd Birthday Armor
Despite the great gameplay, boss battles, costumes and weapons, some people want to play the 3rd Birthday PSP game because of an elusive shower scene. It takes place in the gym locker room when you prompt it while exploring the area. The rumor is that it becomes unlocked after playing the game 100 times (yeah right…) but in reality you can watch the scene after a certain amount of missions, if you just keep attempting to take a shower whenever you have the chance. Honestly though, it is nothing special, and there is no nudity.

So there you have it. There are many reasons to play the 3rd Birthday PSP game, but probably the best one is that it is a fan-favorite that you will love. Be sure to buy it (affiliate link) when you have a chance.

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