Wonder Woman Lost Her Powers

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When Wonder Woman lost her powers, it created a lot of controversy. The irony of the whole situation was that the writer felt that it would have appealed toward women’s rights groups, being a strong and independent woman who can karate-chop a man’s clavicle without any superhuman abilities. Instead, they lashed out saying that Wonder Woman was the only popular and powerful super hero in the DC universe, which was then on solely dominated by men.

Actually, to say that Wonder Woman lost her powers might be inaccurate, because she simply renounces them. She then submits to a man to teach her martial arts. To change her image, she gets some groovy new clothes, which clearly reflect the age this was published (1968) .

It all takes place (Affiliate Link) in issue 178 of Wonder Woman. The plot is that she gets upset after being forced to testify against her boyfriend in court. For some reason, she thinks that having a double-life lead to him being found guilty. So she says:

I pray to Venus for guidance. I swear, oh goddess, I will make any sacrifice to save my love!

So she decides to save him as Diana Prince, deciding that Wonder Woman has no place in the matter. Whether or not you think Wonder Woman lost her powers for a dumb reason, issue 178 has remained a valuable collectible (Affiliate Link) due to its historical significance.

The entire situation makes no sense really. Wonder Woman has a boyfriend, but her boyfriend has no idea about her actual identity. There is a scene where the two of them are making out in a convertible by a lake, teenager-style. Is this to fulfill a girl’s fantasy as she reads the comic book?

Wonder Woman Kisses Steve

Before Wonder Woman Lost Her Powers

Wonder Woman (often mistakenly combined to simply Wonderwoman) has a secret identity by the name of Diana Prince, her alter ego. Her powers have varied over the years, but in general she has superior physical strength, enough to battle heroes such as Superman. Wonder Woman can fly as well, and has a golden lasso that forces people to tell the truth.

Of course, Wonder Woman is often recognized from her costume. It has changed often throughout the years, switching from skirt, to no skirt, to pants, to everything in between. On the flip side, the colors of her costume have remained a consistent blend of red, yellow and gold, and a splash of white. Wonder Woman’s costume has always had a patriotic look and feel ever since her creation during World War 2. Her logo and symbol represents an eagle.

As for who played Wonder Woman, Gal Gadlot portrayed her in the Dawn of Justice movie (2016), while Lynda Carter famously played the Amazon princess in 1975.