Val Kilmer Batman

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There has been the Val Kilmer Batman, the Christian Bale Batman, Adam West, and more than a few others. So was the Val Kilmer Batman the best of all?

Probably not. But in no way or fashion was he the worst. Was Batman Forever stupid? Somewhat, but it was nothing like that catastrophe Batman And Robin. In fact, I kind of liked it. (gasp!) It had a decent story and some nice action, even if it was a bit campy. But compare Val Kilmer Batman with George Clooney Batman, who not only is the least memorable Batman of them all but was not as smart as his predecessor to pass on the movie.

So was George Clooney the worst then? He was certainly in the worst film adaptation. What about Adam West? The Batman television show, where he played an embarrassingly comical character, has caused people to loath the prospect of the caped crusader altogether. To be the man behind the mask that destroyed a character’s reputation says a lot. Would not you agree?

Val Kilmer certainly proved himself in The Saint as an actor who could play many roles and characters. Hard to believe that 10 years earlier he was in Top Gun. But what is even more hard to believe is that right before that he was in teen-comedy stinker Real Genius. So he has certainly toured his genres.

So what do you think? Was the Val Kilmer Batman the best Batman? Or not?