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Have you heard of the Time To Run movie with Billy Graham? You can see it for free on his website as a streaming video. His name is often attached to the title of this movie, but I have no idea how. He was not the producer, writer or director of the film. Despite appearing in the movie, he does not even appear in the credits.

I have come across a comic book adaptation of the film from 1975. The basic plot is that a rebellious teen turns his back on his father, outing him during a TV interview. Then he runs away from home and sabotages his father’s workplace. The main character’s Bible-hugging girlfriend refuses to put out and keeps tossing him the word God like his name is a football. Yes, the Time To Run movie is not only Christian propaganda, but also has a corresponding novel and comic book as well.

So who would publish such a thing? Spire Christian Comics, that is who. These line of comics were strange for sure and often featured Archie. As you probably have guessed, an innocent-looking comic with Archie Andrews on the cover would have tricked you into a Bible-study session.
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The art in the Time To Run comic book was done by Al Hartley, the same artist that used to do Archie. In general he does an okay job, but most of the panels are oversimplified and lack shading. Some of the long-shots definitely resemble the way he draws Archie, and there is the occasional skewed eye or other minuscule mistakes.

The story has been condensed, and leaves out a computer sub-plot where the students go on a class trip. Perhaps the biggest tragedy of all is the missing soundtrack. The best part of the Time To Run movie was the great music, which you obviously cannot enjoy in comic format. The beautiful Barbara Sigel, who played the girlfriend, was nominated for a Golden Globe Award. For a movie that has practically be swallowed up in the abyss of history, to hear that it drew enough attention to be award worthy is somewhat shocking. If this comic sounds interesting to you, be sure to pick up a copy (Affiliate Link).

The last page is scary, as it reaches a serious tone. Suddenly Billy Graham talks to you directly and wants your contact information. He also calls you a sinner and demands that you read The Bible. I felt like someone was trying to convince me to join a cult.
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