Terminator 2029


Mar 21, 2013
Terminator 2029

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The year 2029 is the year Kyle Reese was sent back in time to protect John Connor’s mother. It is the future, where machines and mankind fight a war, and know that killing their enemy’s leader, even before birth, would them an edge. A comic book called The Terminator 2029 tells this story.

We get to meet Reese, Connor, and others. The three-issue Dark Horse comic has beautiful artwork by Andy MacDonald, who had done a fine job collaborating with writer Zack Whedon. The twist is that Reese, although we thought him as dead from the first Terminator film, reaches old age in order to send his friend a message about what happens in the past… and how he could end the war.

This Terminator comic helps to fill in the cracks of the plot, if you had ever seen any of the films (or read other Terminator comics). The Terminator 2029 continues into Terminator 1984, the year Reese is sent back to in order to protect Connor’s mother. If you are a fan, you already know many of the details. But I highly recommend picking up some Terminator comics, because they make a great read that helps explain the past and future.

As briefly mentioned, Terminator 2029 is published by Dark Horse Comics. Because Dark Horse originated in a comic store called Things From Another World, it would make sense to buy it from the source. If it is not available, you could always try Amazon.

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