Lois Lane 39

Superman loves a good cake, that is for sure. Unfortunately his love interest could not bake to save her life. The proof takes place in the comic Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane issue 39.

You see, Superman’s father, Jor-El, was won over when his girlfriend Lara baked him a cake. in the comic Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane 39, Lois gets a helmet from Supergirl that reveals this. the device shows how Superman’s parents became engaged and she intended to due the same thing.

After taking a bite of what surely was laced with ecstasy, Jor-El proposes over cake. I gotta say, that would have had to have been the best damn cake ever made.

Let me break it down for you.

Superman’s dad: Lara darling, a bachelors life can be very lonely! What I need is a pretty wife who can cook and bake like you! say you’ll marry me!

Jor-El and Lara sexist
Superman likes cake

Superman’s mom: Jor-El, my dearest! How I’ve been waiting to hear those words!

No, that is not sarcasm, but the actual dialog. Lois being an idiot like Superman’s parents, she bakes Superman a cake which he turns out hating. He then tells her to get cooking lessons because the only way she’ll win his heart is through his stomach.

Lois Lane issue 39 also reveals a little known weakness of Superman: raw onions. after arranging a kissing booth for superman, she screws it up by serving girls onions on hamburgers that offend superman’s super sense of smell.

Read this comic for sure. Surely among the more sexist of these older stories, it is hilarious. Leave a comment.

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