Foolkiller Marvel Max

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The Marvel Max series of violent comics has always been an intriguing selection, but Foolkiller may stand out a little more than usual. A friend recommended this comic to be and it is pretty hard-core.

If you are a fan of Punisher, it will be hard not to compare him to Foolkiller. A five-part miniseries about a vigilante taking revenge for his past misfortunes, the similarities are clear. Even so, that does not keep it from being entertaining.

Imagine winning the the jackpot… literally. Win ten million dollars in a slot machine. Then use that money to build a successful car company, only to settle for inferior parts that gets your own mother killed. Not only that, but the resulting car wreck also kills a bus full of school children. Would that scar you for life? Yeah, I think so. That is the back story that creates Foolkiller.

The Foolkiller finds a man who screwed over a powerful gambling scam organization, which has a leader that looks a lot like the Kingpin. Nearly his entire family killed for no good reason, and his hand stuck in a garbage disposal, the Foolkiller sympathizes, because he has one living daughter left in a hospital waiting to get a heart transplant.

Foolkiller is made with realistic pencil sketches and has a colored-pencils look to it. Some panels are clearly from posed models to the point of being laughable. Otherwise the series is well constructed and has some awesome angles and gun play.

Of course, any Marvel Max comic series would not be complete without gratuitous violence. Lots of decapitations and blood squirts are present from panel to panel. Sweet.

Be sure to check out Foolkiller in all its bloody glory. Available as a convenient graphic novel, (affiliate link) there is no reason for you to not pick it up. Unless you are a fool. You are not a fool, are you?