Superman captured

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A group of blue freaks called the Tribunal held Superman captured with a geneti-lock (whatever the heck that is) and decided to execute him because he is guilty by bloodline for the destruction of the Kryptonian race. Confused? Me too.

Other characters makes an appearance such as Supergirl (Matrix), Steel, and Superboy. It is too bad that they were also captured and made themselves absolutely useless. The bad guy of the story is The Cyborg. No, not the Teen Titans guy, but some other guy also known as Henry Henshaw, who happens to have nearly the same name. Getting more confused? I do not blame you.

Luckily there is a lot of action in this comic. The issue is Superman: Man of Steel issue 52 (Affiliate Link). Everyone conveniently busts out of their cages and locks at the same time, but fail to save Superman before he is shot into space on a rocket. Yet somehow Superman was able to save himself by altering the trajectory of the rocket at the perfect moment, causing it to explode. Whatever.
Supergirl captured and escapes
After Superman pounds Cyborg into the pavement and saves the day, he is still found guilty, despite saving an entire planet. Once again, Superman tried to solve all problems with is fists, and failed miserably.

What I love about older comics are the advertisements, because you can guess the time period and see what was popular. For example in Superman: Man of Steel 52 there is an ad for an arcade game called Open Ice. Considering that video arcades are now gone, this 1995 plug dates this comic to a time when video games were worthy of spending all of your allowance on. Home consoles were still expensive, and computing power was no where near where it is now. There is also an ad that references America Online, a popular internet provider from the 90s.