Bruce Wayne disguised as himself

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Batman is so brilliant that his alter ego Bruce Wayne disguised himself as Bruce Wayne so people would think he might be Batman. Take a minute to digest that concept. It all took place in Justice League Task Force issue 6 from 1993. It was part of that whole Knightquest saga where Batman had his back fractured and was temporarily replaced by Jean-Paul Valley, who was about as mentally stable as Charles Manson.

Bruce Wayne disguised himself as uh, himself to fool some superheroes. One of them though was Green Arrow, who I had no idea could have been so brain-dead. Apparently Bruce asked Green-Dumb-Ass to stay hidden until needed, but he noticed the makeup on his face. So he teams up with some other morons, they set fire to a house and try to help some politicians.

For those of you who do not remember, the Knightquest story arc came after Knightfall, the infamous story with Bane. It was not such a terrible plot or anything, but after Bruce Wayne took a backseat to a homicidal maniac, the action, ironically, suffered. It became snoreville. And who wants to read Batman stories without Batman?
Superman PSA 1993
Justice League Task Force 6 also has an advertisement where Superman tells you to donate money toward disaster relief because “it’s the American way!”. This series, which lasted a whopping 37 issues must have bombed hard to have ended on such an odd number. There is also an advertisement for a new series for Robin. This would make sense, considering that Batman was out of the picture. Fans would agree, as it lasted 183 issues (Affiliate Link).

The comic book industry may have crashed around 1993 due to crap like this, but at least one new property hit it big. The back cover of this comic has an advertisement for the video game Mortal Kombat on home consoles. These ports of the popular arcade games had their own issues, especially the Game Boy and Super Nintendo versions, but these are stories for another day.