Spider-Man Punches Jaw off Scorpion

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Known for his restraint and positive moral compass, we know that it wouldn’t be likely for Spider-Man, or Peter Parker, to use his strength to obliterate an enemy’s face. However there was a time when Otto Octavius stole Peter’s body and inserted his mind into it. Afterward he became The Superior Spider-Man. The name change was due to his expert knowledge as a scientist making his smarter than Peter Parker was. Unfortunately this also meant a change in moral values, which can be problematic when you are a superhero with super strength. Like when he blackmailed the mayor. There was also that time when spider-man punched the jaw the off of Scorpion. Yeah, as in it became detached from his face.

It happens in Amazing Spider-Man issue 700, the last issue before transitioning to the Superior Spider-Man series. Peter Parker’s mind, while trapped in Doctor Octavius’ dying body, manages to escape from a super-prison using one of Octavius’ escape plans. He does this with the help of fellow villains Scorpion, Hydro-Man, and Trapster. With their help, he now has access to Octavius’ arsenal of weapons, including his iconic metal arms. They all break in the 18th police precinct to steal The Gold Octobot, the device used to pull the mind-swap. He hopes that he can study it, and find a way to switch back. While police approach the secret base that they were using to study the device, Hydro-Man and Scorpion go to distract them, and the three of them escape. They then break into the Avengers Tower so they can see The Gold Octobot and understand that it is a brain-swapping device.

Unfortunately when they gets there, Spider-Man (with the mind of Octavius) has already distracted the Avengers and is there waiting for them. Hydro-Man and Scorpion find Jonah Jameson and his family in the building and Scorpion intends to get revenge by attacking them. He thinks that Jameson is responsible for him turning into a freak. Spider-Man suddenly appears and, well, Spider-Man punches the jaw off of Scorpion. The only area of his body without armor was his jaw, so he took it clean off. Afterward, he realizes that he didn’t know that his body held so much power.

Scorpion in Superior Spider-Man

It isn’t until Superior Spider-Man issue 12 do we see Scorpion attack Spider-Man again. He mentions how Spider-Man tore his jaw off and he intends to return the favor. You’ve got to hand it to Octavius; he certainly knows how to make a memorable entrance as the Superior Spider-Man. Nothing says “I’m a new brand of superhero” quite like sending someone’s jaw flying across the room with a single punch. It’s always nice to see a character break free from their usual moral codes, even if it means mutilating their enemies. Just when you think superheroes are all about saving the day and acting all goody two-shoes, along comes Superior Spider-Man to remind us that there’s nothing quite like some jaw-dropping action to mix things up.

If you haven’t already picked up a copy (Affiliate Link) of Amazing Spider-Man issue 700, are you even a true fan? I mean, it only features one of the most shocking moments in Spidey history, no big deal. Unless you have a catastrophic allergy to great comic books, you’d have to be denser than vibranium not to grab this epic issue. Trust me, you’ll be the talk of the town, and your friends will be green with envy at your impeccable taste in literature.