Spider-Man and Black Cat get married

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We all love it when Felicia Hardy and Spider-Man kiss throughout the Marvel universe’s history, but did you know that there was a point where Spider-Man and Black Cat get married? It happened (Affiliate Link) in issue 21, volume 2 of What If?

In this comic book story, Spider-Man and Black cat get married in Niagara Falls, New York. Peter Parker gets married as “Peter Palmer” as he wears a comical fake mustache, which I do not understand the purpose of (and it is not because of an alternate universe). Prior, Peter no longer had a relationship with Mary Jane because he did not want her life to be in danger. The name Peter Palmer is a reference to an early Spider-Man comic where the writer, Stan Lee, made a mistake and forgot his last name was Parker.

Spider-Man and Black Cat in bed

It turned out, though, that at least Mary Jane did not have a loose tongue: Felicia had no problem telling “Peter” to go screw himself while in full costume and in the vicinity of enemies, leading to people out to gun him down. Spider-Man and Black Cat get married in this story, but Mary Jane is still the one in his heart. Long story short, Mary Jane is falling, Spider-Man saves her while reminiscing of Gwen Stacy, leading to Black Cat getting killed.

There is also a hot moment where after Spider-Man and Black Cat get married, it shows Peter with Felicia in bed together about to have sex. Felicia says that she cannot get in the mood, so Peter offers a solution with a devilish look on his face. While in bed together, she is wearing a Spider-Man t-shirt. As if her hubby actually being Spider-Man was not enough.

What is great about their relationship is that it is still going. How do you feel about the two being together? Should Spider-Man have ended up with Felicia Hardy, or should it have been Mary Jane, or even Gwen Stacy? Leave a comment below with your thoughts.