Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy Kiss

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Since first introduced, Gwen Stacy has been on Peter Parker’s eye, also known as Spider-Man. Although they develop a relationship later, and we have even visioned them getting married, this love story has had its ups and downs. But nothing beats when we see Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy kiss for the first time in Amazing Spider-Man 59.

The story is that Spider-Man had lost his memory for a while, and everyone was wondering where Peter Parker went. After explaining to the police and ex-police captain George Stacy that Spider-Man kidnapped him (how convenient) Mr Stacy invites him into his home to look at some films he had. His daughter appears, is ecstatic to see him and we see Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy kiss for the first time in comic book history.

Coincidentally, Amazing Spider-Man 59 is also the first comic to have Mary Jane on the cover, who makes a cameo in this story as well. There is some subplot about Mary Jane hypnotizing people with a camera. For me though, I could not care less about this story. All I care about is being able to see Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy kiss.

This is a key issue worth collecting (Affiliate Link). I love to Buy the ones that matter, as It looks like this comic is Now the case. Everything considered, you must read it.

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