Shazam punches Manhunter in face

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We all have characters that we love from the DC Comics universe. Good old Shazam is among my favorite, probably because he is a rip-off of Superman. So there is nothing more wonderful to me than seeing Shazam punching Martian Manhunter in the face.

It happens in Justice League of America 8 from 2013. After an apparent attack or fight, Manhunter wakes up to find himself and others in a sort of prison. Shazam, perhaps the most powerful, is allowed a virtual playground. He can destroy anything and it will regenerate itself. Made to serve his inner child, he decides never never to say no again. It is here when Shazam punches Martian Manhunter in the face.

There is a lot of confusion in this story. Apparently Superman created this prison. The world is in shambles. But honestly, none of this matters to me. Seeing Shazam do what he did was even better than you might image. This is because he goes OH YEAH! as he pounds his face in. Kind of like the Kool-Aid man.

I have always liked Shazam. He is the perfect fantasy of a little boy. Say one word and you then have the power to punch through an elephant. The duality of childhood innocence and adult power makes him an unbeatable character. This is different than Superman, who was raised with a simple life on a farm, but with ridiculous strength and abilities. In the case of Superman, he is more like a dim-witted, under educated person with a body he may not be mentally fit for.

What would you do if you were Shazam? Would you carry buildings? How about pushing people down a flight of stairs and then flying away really fast? Leave a comment about your thoughts. At the very least, you could punch Martian Manhunter in the face. OH YEAH!