Punisher and Jigsaw in prison

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If you know about the Punisher, then you probably know about Jigsaw. Bitter for the anti-hero destroying his face, Jigsaw hates him with a passion. He used to be a handsome ladies’ man. So image the back lash when he woke up one day and discovered that he looked like Leatherface.

It is no surprise then that when Punisher gets sent back to prison, Jigsaw has a bullseye painted on him. Or so it goes in The Punisher volume one issue one. It is often mentioned that Frank Castle had escaped from prison in the past, so it was a shocker when he returned. This happens in the Punisher mini-series from the 80s. Despite saying a four issue limited series on most of the covers, it is actually five issues.

Punisher mini series 1

Interestingly, Frank Castle escapes from prison by a group called The Trust. They intend to rid crime and decide he would be a good asset. Unfortunately they decide to take this concept a bit far and in a strange way. Using a form of brainwashing, The Trust develops a team of of people who think they are The Punisher. This includes Jigsaw himself, who apparently was also allowed to escape from prison in the same manner.

In this mini-series, there is also an attempt to kill The Kingpin. His efforts fail, however he takes advantage so that the seemingly lack of an organized crime leader would lead to chaos. A mob war develops as predicted, but Castle questions whether or not he actually made things worse for the public.

So why do you care about all of this? Well this story is from the first comic series of The Punisher. It helped create the interest that exists today. After several movies and even a Netflix series, I would say that it is safe to say that people love our cold-blooded killer ant-hero. Leave a comment below with your thoughts.