Red Hood Outlaws Review

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I’ll say this right off the bat: comics are not my main thing. That being said, I appreciate the medium, and I wanted to offer you a little review of DC Comics’ “Red Hood: Outlaws” by Patrick R. Young and Nico Bascunan, available on WEBTOON.

When I started reading, I didn’t know much about the three “Outlaws” characters. That hasn’t changed, but here’s what I know.

Jason Todd is The Red Hood, the comic’s namesake. Formerly the Robin who died at the hands of The Joker, Jason Todd came back to life or something. In Red Hood: Outlaws, the art team draws Todd as a super hot fuckboy looking dude with a fade haircut and dreamboat eyes. He has a strange sense of fashion, though, wearing a random brown vest with no apparent function of utility that I guess makes him look a bit more outlaw-y.

It also totally clashes with his gray pants.

Although serious-boy Jason Todd is the main character of Red Hood: Outlaws, luckily, the comic doesn’t take itself too seriously — Bizarro Superman is there for comic relief. Along with his skin-tight backwards S logo shirt, jumbo cowboy hat, and rockabilly hair swirl, the subtle humor of Bizarro’s diction steals the show.

The fun of it is that he says the opposite of what he means. Check out this dialogue from Red Hood: Outlaws Episode 14–Coy Story:

Medusa’s weird random sister: What’s your type? Asking for a friend.

Bizarro Superman: You would be able to handle me.

Medusa’s weird random sister: Oh, I like you.

Or take the scene from Red Hood Outlaws Episode 9: My Own Worst Enemy, where a bunch of Bizarro clones (or whatever the hell they are—I honestly lose patience with the story sometimes) are attacking Bizarro Superman. They grab his arms and taunt him, “everyone loves you! You’re the best! You never just be knock-off Superman!”

The third member of the Outlaw trio is this red-headed Greek demi-goddess. At least, I think she’s just a demi. Or is it a semi?

I don’t remember her name. She’s kind of forgettable. Honestly — and this is the truth — she’s kind of written as a romantic object for Jason Todd. But there you go. Eat your heart out, r/menwritingwomen.

I will say that the art style is breathtaking. The colors jump out at you, and the artists take full advantage of WEBTOON’s long scrolling form. I love the way they depict characters falling out of the sky, or darkness when you need just the right moment for a pause while scrolling, and so on.

All in all, I do feel positively about Red Hood: Outlaws. There are some small details I don’t particularly care for, such as the main character of the whole entire story and also his main love interest.

The bad guys are cheesy, which is normally annoying, but that’s not really a dealbreaker for me because Bizarro Superman is just so darn amusing. Combine that with the fantastic visuals and you’ve got me hooked. I’m on episode 17 now. The bad guy right now is a total joke, but I don’t even care.