Red Hood and Supergirl

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Now we have seen Supergirl and Nightwing, formally known as Robin, kiss before. In that case it was Dick Grayson. But what about Jason Todd? Has Kara Zor-El ever encountered the second Robin? Actually she has in the form of Red Hood, but it is not such a friendly encounter. You see, Red Hood and Supergirl fight for a bit before they team up.

But how is this possible? Supergirl is.. well, super. But Jason Todd has some tricks up his sleeve. Apparently he has something foreign in his blood that is making him super strong, and has also encountered advance weaponry not of this planet. His veins had been laced with “venom” (from Red Hood and the Outlaws issue 36), the stuff Batman’s enemy Bane uses. A little misunderstanding causes Kara to smash Todd through some windows, which he responds by shooting her with some aforementioned weaponry. He did this to prove to her that super-powered alien weaponry had appeared on the streets. A proposed Red Hood and Supergirl team-up leads to them tracking down the source and taking them down.

Supergirl vs Red Hood

This story (Affiliate Link) comes from Supergirl 35 (December 2014) and has more to it than meets the eye. Not only do we get to see the two of them fight, but we also get a sense of flirtation. Todd expresses that he wanted to meet Michael, Kara’s love interest, which is why he waited for her at his apartment. Jealousy perhaps? The ending implies the same, as Michael kisses Kara and questions Todd’s motives. We see Todd observing the conversation from a distance with binoculars. He smiles as if there is some truth to what was said. But Red Hood and Supergirl together in a relationship? That would be interesting to see for sure.

This is not the first time they had encountered each other. In Batman/Superman Annual issue 1 (May 2014) Red Hood and Supergirl fight on Warworld, yet another mini-planet designed to attack Earth. What do you think of these two heroes? Do they make a good team? Would they make a good couple? Leave a comment.