Poison Ivy kisses Robin

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We all know that Poison Ivy has the ability to turn anyone into her slave, but what happens when she uses her magic on the Boy Wonder? It happens in the comic book Batman and Robin Adventures number 8 (Affiliate Link). The DC seductress Poison Ivy kisses Robin, which spells out trouble for Batman.

It is always fun when Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy team up, and this comic issue was no different. It was lucky for them that Robin showed up solo, leaving himself wide open to attack. Poison Ivy kisses Robin and is brought quickly under her spell. Now he is willing to do anything for her. Even attacking Batman!

Titled Harley and Ivy and Robin and written by Paul Dini, this fun story has its moments. At one point, Robin is rubbing Ivy’s feet while he is wearing no shirt, and she is only wearing a towel. This sexually charged moment brings some flirtatious fun to the mix. Meanwhile, Harley is upset that Robin has taken the title role as sidekick, while she has quickly became the third wheel.

Harley spikes some lemonade with antidote to cure Robin and to make sure that when Poison Ivy kisses Robin in the future, nothing happens. The antidote works she and decides to hit him in the head with a gardening hoe, which shatters but seems to do him no harm. It is funny how comic book violence lacks consequences, isn’t it?

This issue of Batman and Robin may seem meaningless to some people, but to those who used to watch the Batman Animated Series television show, it was pretty awesome. I must not be the only one who agrees, because the comic seems to be well sought out after for some reason. I guess because it was an early appearance of Harley Quinn? I have no idea. Leave a comment below if you know the answer to this question.
Robin and Poison Ivy