Nightwing Dies

Death reaches us all, even for Dick Grayson. In the Injustice comic book series, Nightwing dies by the hand of an annoying brat who, frankly, should have been killed instead.

Dick Grayson Death

The story is that Arkham Asylum has been broken into (yes, again) and Harley Quinn opens the doors to all the cells. She did it from a standard computer terminal with virtually no security. No wonder criminals kept escaping from that place. Anyway, Batman’s son Damian playing the role of Robin destroys all dignity he had by throwing his stick at Dick Grayson. The result? He trips and breaks his neck over a rock and Nightwing dies.

Just like that, the man who was able to dodge bullets like The Matrix is killed by an inanimate rock. So Nightwing dies for no good reason, and Damian is left to look like the douche he is. Naturally, Batman freaks out and Superman has to console Damian for his mistake.

It is things like this though that make me smile. The thought that someone unstoppable like Dick Grayson could be killed by some rubble on the ground gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. So if you like knowing that Nightwing dies and Batman losing his marbles, be sure to read Injustice: Gods Among Us.

It makes you wonder though: has Dick Grayson died in comics before? Well some have mentioned that he may have died during Crisis On Infinite Earths, but that hardily counts. Was it canon? Yeah I guess, but that was the entire point of the mini-series. The idea was to simplify the countless DC Universes by combining them, which required killing lots of people in the process. Obviously there could not be 50 different variations of Superman, and in the same way there could not be a million versions of Robin. So yeah, Dick Grayson died hundreds of times, technically.

Dick Grayson died Earth 2

But the Dick Grayson from Earth-2, specifically? Yeah, he’s toast. To confirm what I read, I had to go through the miniseries all over again. And let me tell you, Crisis On Infinite Earths is not for the faint of heart. It is extremely convoluted, and the story does not get good until at least a third into this way-too-long story. When I was just about to blow my brains out, I finally found the area where Dick Grayson dies. It is in Final Crisis, the last chapter.

But like I said, although Robin from Earth-2 died, there was still a Dick Grayson left over. Kind of like a convenient back-up, know what I mean? Unfortunately, The Huntress version that was Batman’s daughter died as well. I bet that pissed a lot of fans off at the time.

4 thoughts on “Dick Grayson Death By Tripping Over A Rock”
  1. It was very ridiculous idea i mean come one guys how can he die by tripping over a small stone it is stupid!!!

    1. Yea, this was stupid…. I literally found out about it an hour ago thinking it was a troll post or something. This was the best they could do? Utter garbage…

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