New Ms Marvel Comic

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Ms Marvel has made her splash in the past, but the NEW Ms Marvel comic is completely different and is worth a read.

Kamala Khan, a teenage girl, encounters a fog that gives her powers. Suddenly, she can shape-shift like Mystique, Heal like Wolverine and stretch like Mr Fantastic. She is also able to grow and shrink like Ant Man. Thinking that she must live up to the legacy of a known hero, she becomes the new Ms Marvel.

What makes the new Ms Marvel so charming is following a modest teenage girl with a strict family of values. Even her costume is just her overly-modest bathing suit that happens to cover her entire body. Her story is not typical of other teenage heroes, as she needs to protect her secret from her own family and needs to figure things out for herself.

The new Ms Marvel even encounters Wolverine, who ironically does not have his healing powers. He suggests that perhaps she is a mutant. Ms Marvel does not know for sure where her powers came from, or why she has them. As mentioned, she has many powers that make her awfully powerful for a girl at such a young age. Although Supergirl is a powerful teenager as well, Ms Marvel is a much deeper character and is a lot of fun to read about.

The first new Ms Marvel graphic novel is a terrific compilation of her introduction. She encounters an evil clone of Thomas Edison with the body of a giant bird. Yes, I am being serious. You should be sure to review the book
at your leisure, as I found it hard to put down. It also makes a terrific story for young girls, if you need a story to share with your daughter.

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