make your own comic book

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Many have dreamed how to make a comic book, but did you know that you could learn to make your own comic using content easily found in certain comic books? It is true. Here is a list of a few to get you started.

DRAWING: The How To Draw Comics Comic

Drawn by John Byrne and published by Solson in 1985, the author knows his stuff. From people to panels, this is a great source (Affiliate Link) for getting grounded with your drawing skills. The best part is that you know that you are being schooled by a trusted and seasoned artist.

WRITING: Alan Moore’s Writing For Comics

writing for comics Alan Moore
The creator of Watchmen, often considered one of the most monumental graphic novels in history, explains his thought process (Affiliate Link) over the years through a series of essays. To make your own comic memorable, it needs to be creative in ways you had never thought about.

PRODUCTION: Terry Moore’s How To Draw Comics

Draw Comics Terry Moore
Preparing the bristol board, using the right brush, sending the scans to the publisher and everything else you never thought of to make your own comic. Moore’s advice cuts through the BS of other books and explains how to get things done (Affiliate Link).

COLORING: Marvel Age 13

Marvel Age Color Comics
The funny thing about Marvel Comics is that its fan base was so huge that it had to create a series subtitled “The Official Marvel News Magazine”. It would occasionally have cool things like staff interviews and even professional advice. In issue 13 (Affiliate Link) of Marvel Age it steps you through in detail how to color comics, even recommending common combinations for clothing, skin tones and alternative colors that can be used as substitutes.

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