Lex Luthor killed his parents

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It may seem a little ridiculous to think that even the infamously evil Lex Luthor killed his parents, but it was confirmed in a graphic novel called Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography. When I found it at a thrift shop, I interpreted the title literally, expecting detailed specifics about his background. Instead it turned out to be about a freelance book author looking to make a few bucks, but dug his own grave by digging too deep into Luthor’s shady background.

Lex Luthor raping a woman

What is interesting is that the novel reveals that Luthor wrote an autobiography titled “Simply Brilliant”. In this book he glazes over what happened to parents, causing author and reporter Peter Sands to try and fill in the holes. One of the people he interviewed was Melissa Dugan, a sexy electronics expert that used to work for Luthor. She says that they became lovers, but after she realized what kind of person he was, she tried to end the relationship. he did not take this very well and basically would continue to rape her.

Of course the most interesting part of this whole story is discovering that Lex Luthor killed his parents. Once Luthor sensed the track that Peter was following, he intervened. Before eventually killing him, he let Peter ask him whatever he wanted. And yes, admittedly, Lex Luthor killed his father and mother as a kid so that he could collect the insurance money.

There is also a subplot where Clark Kent is framed for Peter Sands’ murder. Apparently his name was written in blood next to the body. Luthor did this to ensure that any information that Sanders gave him would never surface. Sanders used Kent to try and contact Superman, but obviously things did not work out.

The most astounding discovery of this story is that it implies Lex Luthor killed his parents to not only collect the insurance money, but to build his business in the first place. To think that murdering your own flesh and blood to become an evil genius billionaire is chilling.