Joker Kills Jimmy Olsen

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Who can forget Superman’s best friend Jimmy Olsen? The photographer, despite sticking his nose in everyone’s business, it loved by all. Well, almost. The Joker kills Jimmy Olsen with a bullet through his fat freckled face.

The graphic novel Injustice: Gods Among Us (which started out as a web comic) is all about the Joker pissing off Superman to the point where he decides to govern the entire world. Naturally, only a villain like the Joker could pulls this off.

When the Joker kills Jimmy Olsen, you know it is going to be comedy at its best. While busy using his camera, Joker shoots a bullet into Olsen’s eye while saying that he “got some Jimmy” on his shoe. He is accompanied by his killer babe sidekick Harley Quinn.
Joker Shoots Jimmy
In case you are not familiar, the Injustice graphic novel has countless twists and turns with all of the major DC characters playing a part. The center of all the chaos streamed from when the Joker Kills Jimmy Olsen, Lois Lane and others. Obviously you do not want me to give away the entire killer story but let us just say that he does not just clown around. He takes the whole cake.

If I am being vague, clearly there is more to the story that you need to read. Besides all the fun stuff I mentioned, there is also a plethora of toys and action figures to the Injustice name. Yes, it is that popular! Or you could just read it to see when the Joker kills Jimmy Olsen, but to each their own, right?