Jim Lee's Joker

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One of the most iconic comic book story lines has been Batman Hush, a story that has spanned over 12 issues of Batman comic books. Of course you could also find a graphic novel version, as it has been reprinted multiple times. But what is the appeal of the Hush story arch? Part of it is Jim Lee’s artwork after jumping from Image Comics and working for DC. Starting in Batman issue 613 we get to see Jim Lee’s Joker for the first time.

But it’s not until Batman 614 do we get to see him in action. Batman basically beats the crap out of Joker, intending to break his neck. He thinks of all the people that he hurt, particularly Barbara Gordon who was Batgirl at the time. He also thinks of Jason Todd, who was beaten with a crowbar and allegedly killed. Catwoman intervenes and gets into a scuffle. Gordon shows up and takes a few shots at Batman to show that he means business, and reminds Batman to not cross the line. It is during all this chaos when we see Jim Lee’s Joker up close and get a good look at him.

Joker in Batman Hush

Jim Lee’s interpretation of the character is that he is not only tall and lengthy but has a particularly menacing look. Jim Lee’s Joker has a signature style where he has a impossibly long and sharp nose. Some criticize Lee’s art, however it’s hard to deny his talent. His work has a distinct look and is not afraid to draw hard angles. The men he portrays have perfect anatomy and the women have soft faces and curvy bodies. Be sure to get (Affiliate Link) Batman 614 for its importance in both DC Comics history and for the artwork. But most of all because The Joker makes a memorable appearance. Leave a comment with your thoughts.