green lantern's girlfiriend stuffed in a fridge

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Here is your comic history quiz. Why was Green Lantern’s girlfriend stuffed in a fridge? Is it…

  1. She was trying to cool off on a hot summer day
  2. You need to get into the fridge to reach the mustard waaay in the back
  3. Major Force thought it would be hilarious

The closest answer is C, although I feel that all three could be valid answers if she were alive. You see, Kyle Rayner was being a smug douche by showing off his powers to girlfriend Alex DeWitt, flying around with her and doing all kinds of flaunting. Like a stupid douche, his flaunted caused his picture to be taken with his girlfriend, giving his enemies intelligence to his whereabouts. And like an ignorant douche, he wanders off, leaving Alex vulnerable. After all, what’s the worst that could happen? I mean, beside returning home and seeing Green Lantern’s girlfriend stuffed in a fridge or something.

This takes place in Green Lantern 54 (second series) published in 1994. It’s a 2-part storyline called Forced Entry, but even so there is still a surprisingly lengthy amount of story in this issue. This always surprises me in comics printed a few decades ago because modern comics are usually, oh I don’t know, like four pages long? Oh wait, there are advertisements every other page… two pages long, I guess. Be sure to buy next month’s issue for the price of a slice of pizza and a medium cherry Coke, which would have brought you true satisfaction.

All kidding aside, Green Lantern 54 is a great issue to read, even without seeing Green Lantern’s girlfriend stuffed in a fridge. After the horrifying moment, we can’t wait to see Kyle Rayner battle Major Force, which does not disappoint. The artwork by Steve Carr is unbelievable. He either uses constant photo reference, or he has great imagination and memory. If you are able to pick this up (Affiliate Link), I suggest you do so ASAP.

Oh, and don’t eat the turkey sandwich I left in the fridge… somebody’s head was resting against it.