Brigade Comic Review


Jun 19, 2013
brigade comic review

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After hearing about how Rob Liefeld was doing a kick-starter to promote distribution of free comic books, I thought I would look into the comic he planned on rebooting: Brigade, from Image Comics. You see, Brigade was one of Rob Liefeld’s most popular creations, and for good reason. With a fun cast of characters with constant action, thinks became interesting fast. This is why I decided to give a brief Brigade comic review.

Image Comic’s Brigade can be described in two words: action packed. It is incredibly easy to read because it’s constant punches and kicks. This was a common theme of 90s era comic books. People loved this kind of stuff, and still do. The best part, however, is that the decision to have less dialog and more action instantly created a series that anyone could pick up and read easily. Many comics are blah blah blah. Brigade from Image Comics is blam, punch, splat. Awesome.

This isn’t one of those comics with lots of story development. It’s pretty mindless, and I mean that in a good way.The focus is on super-powered heroes and villains getting into fights. Often, it is violent. Lots of gun fights and smashing heads through walls.

Now that you’ve read my brief Brigade comic review, there is something else you should know. If you like action manga, this should hit close to home. The Brigade comic specializes in crazy violence that lasts for many pages. If this sounds like your bag, you should definitely look into it (Affiliate Link).

Fan of Brigade? Tell me your thoughts.