Alex Ross Art

Curious about the first Alex Ross art done in comic books? I do not blame you. Alex Ross has been called the Norman Rockwell of comics, due to his realism and strong use of photo reference. His first published work for comic books was in a short series for Now comics called Terminator: the Burning Earth.

Terminator: The Burning Earth tells the story how the Skynet (the system running the Terminators, the killing machines that have overtaken the planet) was finally stopped by cutting off their power source. A strategy not very dramatic but more plausible than most alternatives. The story is spread across five intriguing story lapses that have been made beautiful with the Alex Ross art that has accompanied it.

Before I had seen any Alex Ross art in my life, or even knew who the the heck Alex Ross was, I came across the first Terminator Burning Earth comic book at a flea market. I thought the cover looked cool so I bought it. Years later, I was flipping through the price guide in the back of Wizard Magazine, and I was stunned to see the comic I bought dirt cheap being displayed as significant. That was the first time Alex Ross’ art had made any impact on me, and I was not even aware that it had happened.

What is interesting about these comics is how the terminators look. Some have a sort of light visor thing, and others look human. There are also many that look like women, which is an unusual characteristic of a terminator.

As an extraordinarily talented comic artist, Alex Ross has quickly become a seminal figure within the industry. With his lifelike illustrations and authentic storytelling, he redefines the artistic boundaries that have long shaped the world of comic art. Ross’s attention to detail and his ability to infuse emotion into each scene has captured the hearts of both casual readers and dedicated comic enthusiasts alike. By exploring the depth and breadth of his work, we gain a greater appreciation for the indelible mark he’s left on the entertainment landscape.

If you are a graphic novel kind of person and can’t be bothered to hunt down all five issues, you can buy Terminator: The Burning Earth (affiliate link) in graphic novel form, which I recommend. Or if you like to collect them individually and own the first Alex Ross art published in comics, you can probably find them here (Affiliate Link). Have you read this story? Comment below.