Fat Lois Lane

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When you think of Lois Lane you might think slender, smart and witty. You probably don’t think of her being a two hundred pound blimp that needs an extra strong chair. Believe it or not, not only do we get to see a fat Lois Lane but we discover that Superman made her that way on purpose. The story comes from the fifth issue of Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane and the story is called The Fattest Girl in Metropolis.

Lois is returning from a weekend out of town and is driving down a windy road. She witnesses a murder taking place but is unable to identify the culprit to the police. Later Lois is reporting on a scientist’s growth ray, which he claims will make a small plant more plump. Lois happens to get hit by the rays and the next morning we see a fat Lois Lane. She weighs more than twice than before, and her scale says that she ways 200 pounds. She has to borrow clothes from a fellow fat neighbor. While outside she asks for a car ride with a couple of ladies who also look overweight. The car breaks down and the wheel snaps right off. Superman shows up and offers fly the car to a garage. While holding the car with one hand and two people inside, he holds Lois under his other arm and (supposedly) doesn’t recognize her. When they land, Superman remarks how she’s quite a load.

Meanwhile we see the fat Lois Lane trying to lose weight. She lost a pound or so successfully but when she got home she saw that Superman left her a big box of candy for her birthday. She gains the weight back and thinks of last year’s birthday present, a charm bracelet that can detect kryptonite. The next day Lois had to attend a wedding as a bridesmaid and Superman happened to be there. While at the wedding, her charm bracelet detects kryptonite and she had to get rid of it. Lois was forced to reveal to Superman that, although unrecognizable, she was Lois Lane.

Superman made Lois Fat

While at an amusement park she goes in the Funny Mirror House. One of the mirrors make he look slim like before, causing the murderer from the beginning of the story to recognize her. He was about to shoot her but Superman intervenes and reveals that he was the cause of fat Lois Lane. He purposefully had her hit with the growth ray so the killer wouldn’t recognize her. Lois is furious. Superman takes the ray and reverses it so that she would turn back to normal the next day.

What is hilarious about this fat Lois Lane story is that Superman did nothing but tease her during the entire incident. He carried her under his arm, saying that she was quite a load and pretended to not recognize her. He then sends her a big box of chocolates, intentionally compounding the issue. Be sure to own this comic (Affiliate Link) if you can get your hands around Superman’s Girl Friend Lois Lane.