Cyborg Spider-Man

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After getting his butt kicked by the Sinister Six Spider-Man retreats to come up with a new strategy. Without his spider-sense he has to rely on stealth and weaponry of his own design. When things go bad Cyborg X brings Spider-Man to a government facility where his arm is put in a bionic cast to help repair his hairline fracture at an accelerated speed. The eyepiece of his mask were replaced with a cyberpunk-like spectacle that looks like something out of the movie Road Warrior. Or in other words, we have a cyborg Spider-Man with pouches around his waist like many comic characters had in the 90s.

We can see this in Spider-Man issue 21 from April 1992. The situation was bad for Spider-Man in the previous couple issues. He tried to ambush a group of his enemies multiple times just to get defeated. Unfortunately a Punisher-like character named Solo followed Spider-Man and during the battle he was exposed to Mysterio’s illusions. He thought that Spider-Man was Doctor Octopus and almost killed him, but thankfully Cyborg X scared him off and rescued Spider-Man. Thanks to a place called Care Labs in Manhattan we have a cyborg Spider-Man who quickly encounters Deathlok as he leaves the facility. Together they decide to team up and take down the Sinister Six.

Cyborg Spider-man and Deathlok

The two of them find the research lab exploring other dimensions and figure that it’s the lab Doctor Octopus intended to use to acquire advanced weaponry. They find a portal to another dimension. They enter the portal and determine that the Sinister Six went through, and find a lot of alien corpses as well. Spider-Man’s spider-sense returns and warns the two of them about a bomb, and so they return into the portal and escape the explosion just in time. When they head back to Care Labs in Manhattan. They find the Sinister Six applying heavy damage to the area, killing 47 people including Cyborg X. The group escapes inside a space ship and Deathlok disappears as well.

Everything about the look of Cyborg Spider-Man screams 90s. The robotics, the pouches, the muscles and weapons. Pick up the graphic novel (Affiliate Link) of this story arc to read it for yourself.