Common Grounds Comic

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If you have ever been to a coffee shop called Common Grounds, you may be surprised to know that there is a Common Grounds comic book series. Being published in 2004 by Image Comics under the Top Cow imprinting, Common Grounds has an inconsistent and unusual series of plots.

The Common Grounds comic series is about a coffee shop chain, called Common Grounds, where superheroes frequent around. Each story is unique and unrelated. Recently, a copy of Common Grounds issue 2 (Affiliate Link) found its way into my hands. There were two stories, one of which featured no superheroes at all. One story was about a waitress who was going to be raped and killed, but managed to convince the serial killer that she had powers. The other was about a super hero son looking for his father.

I would like to point out the obvious and say that the Common Grounds comic book series is weird as hell. Not just the stories, but the concept. What is the purpose of the coffee shop story-telling mechanism? It isn’t even the same shop location in every story. I don’t get it. I suppose part of it is to explore the lives of super-heroes as if they had every-day lives like the rest of us.

From what I gather, there is somewhat of a cult following for the Common Grounds comic. I suggest checking out Volume 1 , (affiliate link) containing the collected stories and with a beautifully painted cover (as do the comics as well). There is a certain charm and appeal to this comic, even though the context does not always make sense. Perhaps it is because I fantasize sitting in a coffee shop eating donuts, telling the waitress about the good old days of saving the world. Instead I get wasted and pass out in some tall grass so the neighbors won’t see me and call the cops.