Cobalt Blue DC villain

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Wally West and Barry Allen have something in common. They are both so-called speedsters, gaining super-speed after being exposed to a combination of lightning and chemicals. It takes a villain such as Cobalt Blue from DC Comics to put a stop to them. Wielding a magical blue sword that steals energy from our two heroes, we have an interesting antagonist that could literally cut short the lives of these speedsters.

Origin Story in Comics

This is explained in a one-shot comic called Speed Force. This is the first time we see the character, the DC villain, as he attacks both Barry Allen and Wally West. The attack starts in the Central City Zoo. (I guess this represents the Central Park Zoo?) Their enemy wields a sword with a blue flame that can slice through anything, such as the bars of animal cages. What is more alarming, though, is that it can also slice through both Flash and Kid Flash. Although the two speedsters are normally able to vibrate their molecules to allow for things to pass through them, the sword is worse than it appears. Apparently, the weapon steals their speed when it touches them. The narration in the comic explains that the blade is made from a sort of energy construct.

The speed of our two heroes is tested when the enemy allows a cheetah to escape, which immediately chases after an innocent bystander. When neither Barry nor Wally are able to stop the animal from attacking her, a zookeeper steps in and uses a tranquilizer dart. The two of them retreat to Barry’s apartment, and to their surprise, they find their enemy is there and he knows their secret identities. He says that he knows this because the magic blue flame told him. He was there to steal their speed, but had to antagonize them in order to force them to use their powers. It is only when they are using their powers that their speed can be stolen.

Cobalt Blue Origin

Long story short, Barry and West are able to use his energy against him. As it consumed him, Wally for a moment sees underneath his mask and recognizes a familiar face before the fire claimed him. He was completely gone, and all that was left was questions. Barry feels for a moment that perhaps that he isn’t even human. Wally teases Barry about his love of Jazz and hot dogs, which makes him human, regardless of where his speed comes from.

The story ends here, concluding the first appearance of yet another DC villain with a magical sword. But the sword’s magic is blue though! A plot-hole is that, while Barry and West were trying to stop the cheetah at the zoo, there is no explanation of where he went or why he left. If he truly was there to steal their powers, he could have done it while they were weak. Why did he leave? Regardless, you need to own (Affiliate Link) this one-shot comic. It features multiple stories, including one with Jesse Quick.

Cobalt Blue’s Background

It is a name that strikes fear into the hearts of both heroes and villains in the DC universe. This powerful and enigmatic supervillain has been a formidable obstacle for the Flash family for years, and his origins are just as mysterious as his incalculable power.

Malcolm Thawne, also known as Cobalt Blue, was Barry Allen’s twin brother. However, their fates couldn’t have been more different. While Barry was raised by loving parents and eventually became the superhero Flash, Malcolm was stolen at birth and raised by the Thawnes, an abusive family of thieves who also dabbled in sorcery.

Growing up in such a toxic environment, it’s no wonder that Malcolm developed a deep sense of jealousy towards his brother. He longed for the same powers and abilities that Barry possessed, and he was willing to do anything to get them.

It was through sorcery that Malcolm discovered the magic blue flame, a source of power that he believed could grant him the abilities he desired. With this newfound power, he set out to steal Flash’s abilities and become a speedster himself.

Using his vast knowledge of magic and his newfound speed, Cobalt Blue became a force to be reckoned with on DC’s New Earth. He was not only a skilled swordsmen, but he could also create energy constructs and project blue flame at his enemies. He even had the ability to absorb the powers of other speedsters, making him a formidable foe for the Flash family.

But his story doesn’t end there. It was later revealed that he was actually the older twin brother of Barry, making him the ancestor of Professor Zoom, another notorious speedster villain. This revelation added another layer to his character and made him an even more tragic figure.

For years, Cobalt Blue continued to be a thorn in the side of the Flash, especially for Wally West, who took over the mantle after Barry’s tragic death during the Crisis event. He was a constant threat to Central City and the Flash family, and his powers and abilities made him a dangerous adversary.

In the Future State timeline, he made his return to Prime Earth, this time with even more powers and abilities at his disposal. He could now manipulate the blue light energy to heal himself, and he also possessed a blue gem that gave him even more sorcerous abilities. It was in this timeline that his sorceress grandmother played a pivotal role in his transformation into Cobalt Blue.

Despite his tragic origins, he was not simply a victim seeking vengeance. He was a skilled planner and a criminal mastermind, using his powers and abilities to carry out various crimes such as assault, murder, attempted murder, theft, stalking, and even terrorism. He was a major threat to the Central City Police Station, where Barry worked, and his actions proved that he was not to be underestimated.

It’s worth noting that his con artist parents were not entirely to blame for his descent into villainy. While they did play a part in his upbringing, it was ultimately his own choices and actions that led him down a path of darkness.

Cobalt Blue’s blue flame talisman and his mastery of sorcery made him a unique and dangerous villain in the world of speedsters. His energy projection and power absorption made him a force to be reckoned with, and his superhuman speed made him a worthy adversary for the fastest man alive.