Catwoman kisses Nightwing

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Everyone knows that Catwoman is a total flirt, but Nightwing (formerly Robin) is known for his hunky bod, which explains why so many women love to read about him. So this combination should be no surprise. Catwoman, who surely has herpes, has probably kissed every man in Gotham, which includes kissing Batman. True to her reputation, Catwoman kisses Nightwing for no good reason, which I am sure is no surprise to you.

As mentioned, girls were reading Nightwing because he was such a hotty. Which meant that he better be doing something romantic constantly. In the original Nightwing series (not the miniseries) he had kissed many people. So it may come as a shock to know that Nightwing may have kissed even more women than Catwoman has. Of course, he has kissed Starfire, but Nightwing has also kissed Barbara Gordan (formerly Batgirl), Huntress, and others. So when two busy lips cross paths and Catwoman kisses Nightwing, it should be no surprise.

Catwoman kisses Nightwing in issue 52 (Affiliate Link), but there is more than that to see in this comic. Nightwing is lying on top of Catwoman, like they are about to have sex or something. The art really gets your blood pumping, I must say. If you are a fan of either Catwoman or Nightwing, you would be a fool not to want to add this story to your collection due to the two of them uniting. Be sure to check it out.
Nightwing on top of Catwoman

If you are a fan of Nightwing, you can read his series (affiliate link) collected as a graphic novel. Do you think either Catwoman or Nightwing are sexy? Would they make a good match together? Leave me a comment below.