Black Widow Costume Resdesign

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As you’ve seen the beautiful Natasha Romanova in comic books and movies you may have admired here outfit. Black Widow’s costume with its tight black leather and a bracelet that shoots darts make her an exciting Russian spy. But what this always what she wore? The answer is no. In fact when she first appeared in Tales of Suspense along side Iron Man for the first time she had no consistent outfit at all.

It wasn’t until Tales of Suspense 64 do we get to see a version Black Widow’s costume that includes a combination of a bodysuit and fish-net on her legs, arms and upper torso. Natasha is portrayed with long black hair along with a cape and mask. Although beautiful and sensual looking this outfit may have been either too revealing or too unoriginal. For example it resembles Scarlet Witch closely in this issue and the leotard look is used for seemingly every female superhero such as Black Canary.

First Black Widow Costume
Widow Costume Tales of Suspense 64

We had to wait until Amazing Spider-man 86 do we see a redesign. To begin with, Natasha had a switch of hair color from black to red. She decides to reinvent herself and come up with a new Black Widow’s costume to reflect the time period. This became the outfit that we know and love today with arm bracelets and a tight leather outfit.

The great thing about Black Widow’s costume is that it’s very DIY (do it yourself) possible. It’s simply a black leather-like outfit with a belt and arm bracelets that serve as weapons. There is a zipper down the center that can allow for some sexy cleavage to show, if the cosplay fan desired to do so. The zipper often has a big gold-colored ring, bringing more attention to the bust area. What is great news is that finding one of these costumes is extremely easy for anyone who would like to impersonate their favorite Avenger.

Black Widow stripping her clothes

Artist Gene Colan knew best how to draw Black Widow’s costume as the tight form-fitting look that made Natasha Romanova look amazing. Of course Scarlett Johansson in the movie Iron Man 2 (and others) made the character better known and more popular among Marvel fans. be sure to leave a comment about your thought on her outfit.