Batman vs Elmer Fudd


Apr 10, 2022
Batman vs Elmer Fudd

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Yes folks, Batman has jumped the shark many times, like being a vampire. But him encountering Looney Tunes characters just takes the cake. That’s what we found in 2017 with a Batman vs Elmer Fudd crossover comic book. Just the idea that someone would make an attempt to somehow mix the worlds of these two completely different characters is just loony. Having to deal with Elmer Fudd’s speech impediment, even during internal narration, makes this a frustrating read.

The idea, basically, is what if the Looney Tunes characters were in Batman’s world? That’s the basic of this comic we see Fudd in a bar with Bugs, Tweety, Porky, and others. In this story Fudd is a jaded man who mourns the death of his lover Silver St Cloud and is out for vengeance. When Bugs tells him that the killer was Bruce Wayne, the man that Cloud actually loved, Fudd seeks out to get revenge. In a mixture of jealousy and mourning, Fudd shows up at a party with this shotgun and kills Bruce Wayne. I guess in this particular story Batman and Bruce Wayne aren’t the same people? Or he somehow avoided death? Whatever.

The fun starts when Batman pays him a visit at his apartment. This is where we get to see Batman vs Elmer Fudd. Appearing behind him, Batman narrowly misses some shotgun blasts from Fudd, and they end up getting in a fist fight. When Fudd mentions Silver St Cloud Batman pauses and shows extreme interest. Now they both decide to work together and find Bugs in the bar to get to the bottom of everything. In a rather weird and awkward moment the two of them, Batman and Elmer Fudd, literally fight everyone in the bar except for Bugs and Porky. This is weird because Fudd has his shotgun, and we all know how Batman feels about guns.

Elmer Fudd and Batman

It turns out in the end that Silver St Cloud wasn’t dead, and she just used Bugs to provide false information. Her plan was to have Elmer Fudd and Bruce Wayne kill each other. Why? Because she hates dangerous men. This whole scenario is ridiculous. Bruce Wayne is rich, handsome, tall and muscular. Elmer Fudd is poor, ugly, short and fat. How could she have been attracted to them both? If there is one thing that you should be attracted to, it’s this comic (Affiliate Link). The artistic impression of all the Looney Tunes are quite clever. It’s worth to give it a read if you have the chance.