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Have you ever heard of the movie Phenomena from 1985? Also known by the title Creepers, this italian horror movie directed by Dario Argento star Jennifer Connelly. This movie is among the best of Dario Argento’s horror films. Phenomena, aka Creepers, inspired the Japanese game Clock Tower from 1995. It is evident especially because there are character resemblances so uncanny that it is apparent images were lifted directly from the movie for use in the game.

Phenomena stars a young Jennifer Connelly who has psychic abilities. She goes to a new boarding school (or something) and meets a bug expert played by Donald Pleasence, or as I like to say, “that doctor guy from Halloween“. Jennifer discovers that she has the ability to communicate with insects. The synopsis of this horror movie becomes precedent knowing that there is a killer of young girls loose in the town the boarding house resides. Using the help of insects, Jennifer investigates to track down the killer.

If you are a fan of horror movies, you should know that Phenomena is worth watching. Most of the film is slow. However, the ending scenes are so outrageous and exciting that you quickly forgive how these scenes came suddenly out of left field. I wish I could say more without giving anything away. Some scenes are so brilliant and frightening that it is no wonder why Dario Argento has such a grand reputation for horror films. You can find special edition of this film (affiliate link) on Amazon, which has many special features including cast interviews. If you love horror movies, give it a try.

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