Warby Parker glasses Begley Joaquin Phoenix

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The young fashion brand that started in 2010 has been expanding fast while disrupting monopoly giants like Luxottica. What is more interesting though is that the popular eyeglass company has begun to be spotted on the big screen in major motion pictures. Warby Parker glasses, it seems, are being noticed in all sorts of popular channels. Here are a few examples of movies with similar styles that they sell. I say this because it can be hard to determine exactly what eyeglass brand manufactured what product. Alas, let us begin…

Her With Joaquin Phoenix

In the opening sequence of Her, we immediately get a close up view of some Warby Parker glasses being worn by Joaquin Phoenix (the bad guy from Gladiator). The frames are called Begley and the color variety is Whiskey Tortoise. For those who are familiar with the NATO Phonetic alphabet (such as myself) hearing the word Whiskey might make you instinctively think of the letter W, presumably thinking the frames are white. This is not the case, as the color description is literal.

The tortoise variety of color schemes, in my opinion, can be hit or miss. Certain combinations appear to me as pond scum or the color on spider legs. However in the case of Whiskey Tortoise I think it works well.

Sleeping With Other People With Jason Mantzoukas

Sleeping with Other people glasses
In this horrible sex-ploitative romantic “comedy”, the character Xander might be wearing a pair of Warby Parker Crane eyeglasses. Why do I say might? Because the company has three of four styles that vary slightly and look almost identical. Crane, Wilkie and Hardy all come in black and the only difference is a keyhole bridge or something else minuscule. In addition, the style is so generic looking that they could easily be mistaken for a similar pair released by another company.

Days Of Future Past With Nicholas Hoult

Xmen glasses Hoult
In X-Men: Days of Future Past (which in my opinion is one of the best movies in the franchise) we see Hank McCoy (Beast) played by Nicholas Hoult. On his face are glasses that are similar to Warby Parker’s Burke in Tennessee Whiskey. The color fades are typical for the company, and are often seen as a recognizable feature.

Have you spotted any Warby Parker glasses yourself in movies or television? Leave a comment and let me know.