Villain in the Amazing Spider-Man movie

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If you are a fan of the Amazing Spider-Man movies with Andrew Garfield, you might be wondering about the villain in the first movie. That villain in question is Curt Connors, also known as The Lizard. He has been a long-time villain for even the comic book series, as early as the sixth issue from 1963. There are many aspects of this character that make him interesting. In fact, the character made an appearance in Spider-Man 2 (the movie with Tobey Maguire and directed by Sam Raimi in 2004.) The Lizard also appeared in the 1994 Spider-Man cartoon series from Fox. So we can see why the villain in the Amazing Spider-Man movie was chosen as this character.

What is interesting with the villain being Curt Connors is that he is Peter’s mentor, a person who he looks up to. In fact, it is the character’s genius in scientific research that turns him into something awful. In an attempt to grow a new limb in the same way a lizard may regrow its lost tail, scientist Curt Connors starts experimenting with his own body. His experiments work, and he grows a new arm, but also becomes a dangerous lizard creature. We see the villain in the Amazing Spider-Man movie make an appearance about halfway through the film, a pace which is common for movies, since the first half of the movie is the set-up portion and the second half is the result of the first half.

What is also brilliant is that in the movie, Peter tries to turn to Gwen Stacy’s dad for help. As a police captain, he thought that would be a sound idea, except that Peter made a bad impression on him when he ate dinner in his home earlier in the film. What wasn’t so brilliant was how Peter discovers that the villain in The Amazing Spider-Man movie was hiding in the subway simply by observing a regular lizard entering the subway. Also, not brilliant was how Curt Connors decided to increase the dosage of his experimental dosage, even after he had bad side effects.

Lizard Villain Spider-Man

The interest in the Andrew Garfield skyrocketed after the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home and the villain of the original movie makes an appearance again, even with the same actor, Rhys Ifans. Before this, people loathed Andrew Garfield in the same way they loathed fruit cake around the holidays. Irritating, pretentious and unnecessary. The Lizard, though, remained the villain in the Amazing Spider-Man movie that became beloved forever. Unfortunately, in the movie he was not wearing his signature lab coat, a nice touch that gave a hint to the character being portrayed. If you are interested in knowing more about The Lizard, and have a few thousand dollars in your back pocket, you can try reading (Affiliate Link) his first appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man comic book issue six.