Ultimate Captain America

Recently, I had read one of Marvel Comic’s greatest stories from 2011. The series is called Ultimate Captain America, and is written by Jason Aaron and illustrated by Ron Garney.

The story in Ultimate Captain America consists of Captain America being defeated by Frank Simpson, who turns out to be the Captain America of the Vietnam War. You see, while the real Captain America was frozen for about 50 years, the government tried their best to replicate the serum injected into Captain America, which made him a super solider. However, because they were unable to replicate the results exactly, Frank Simpson also contained bionic implants as well.

Ultimate Captain America Beaten By Children

After being beaten, Captain America wakes up in France, ready to track down his enemy. What he finds is a Vietnamese village, where everyone there happens to be super soldiers. Old men, women, children, everyone. They beat the crap out of Captain America, and it is hilarious. It turns out, Frank Simpson had been involved in synthesizing the super soldier serum that was used to create him.

Comedic value aside, Ultimate Captain America is truly a great read. Humor takes a back seat to the beautiful artwork and flawless storyline. It is much easier to track down the graphic novel version, which is cheaper than trying to find all the individual issues. It is also pretty cheap, compared to some other graphic novels. When you are finished reading it, come back here and tell me what you thought of it.