Thomas Wayne Jr

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Did you know that Batman had a brother? You do now. In World’s Finest Comics, we learn about Thomas Wayne Jr while Batman helps investigate the so-called Boomerang Murders. We also see cameos from Deadman and Superman, so what could be better?

News reporter Clark Kent, who of course is also Superman, is told to go to Gotham City to report on The Boomerang Murders. He reluctantly agrees, and catches the culprit in the act as a boomerang nearly hits a mailman. Superman catches the weapon, while the killer slips away. This seems a bit ridiculous since he literally turned from Clark Kent wearing a business suit into Superman wearing spandex in a fraction of a second. Yet somehow, the killer still managed to escape. Batman ponders what just happened, along with Superman, until Deadman spots the culprit going into a building. Clues lead to Willowwood Sanitarium. (Yes, it’s spelled weird like that.)

Batman arguing about his brother

Meanwhile, Superman is flying above the city, looking down, waiting The Boomerang Killer to strike again. He, amazingly, has the ability to watch everywhere all at once. After finding the culprit’s trench coat, Batman apparently lies to Superman and says that there were no clues. Superman knows that he is lying because the trench coat is missing its tag, and Batman must have removed it. When confronted, Batman said that he had to shield him, because the madman is his own brother.

Origin of Thomas Wayne Jr

Batman goes on to explain that his parents had an older son, Thomas Wayne Jr, born three years before he was. While injured in a car accident, his brain became permanently damaged, making him mentally unstable. The group tracks down Thomas to a forge shop. Batman confronts his brother, but he responds with a boomerang thrown at him, knocking him down. Suddenly, the ironworkers’ owner takes a wrecking ball to the building. Superman saves Batman, who explains that his demented brother was being used like a tool. The story ends with Deadman taking control of Thomas’ body to prevent him from doing harm. A rather sudden and bizarre ending to a story, if you ask me.

So there you have it. Thomas Wayne Jr is Batman’s demented older brother. Which is rather ironic since Batman is considered a genius. It’s also a shame that Batman’s brother was basically used in a throw-away story. The story takes place in World’s Finest, issue 223. You might as well buy the comic book (Affiliate Link), since its monetary value is parallel with doggy doo-doo.