echo by terry moore

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One of Abstract Studio’s lesser known comics is Terry Moore Echo. Raised to fame by such titles as Strangers in Paradise, Terry Moore is known for drawing women. A lot. In all of his comics to date, (including the highly successful Rachel Rising) the main characters have been women. In Echo, Terry Moore has done the same.

Terry Moore’s Echo is about a prototype atomic suit accidentally getting into the hands of a woman named Julie. Rather than say that the suit ended up in her hands, I should say it found its way to her chest. You see, the suit is a sort of liquid metal, and during an explosion in Echo 1, the metal rained down on her. The metal later proceeded to permanently attach itself to her chest.

In case you have not figured it out by now, people want the suit back, and they are not the polite type. So Julie goes on the run with a man named Dillon. Of course, Julie is going through a divorce and the timing is perfect for her knight in shining armor to show up.

… Did I forget something? Oh, yeah. The Atomic suit in Terry Moore Echo gives the person who possesses it incredibly strong electrical powers. You thought Echo was just a boring drama, didn’t you? Feel rest assured that Terry Moore continues his tradition of gore and violence in his stories.

If you are curious about Echo, let me do you a favor by telling you not to look at all the comics’ covers! After reading the first issue, you will immediately see where the story is headed due to Moore’s lack of foresight. Or maybe he did it on purpose to encourage people to buy the next issue. Whatever.

You won’t be doing that, though, because the series has already concluded. You can buy the entire series in one shot (Affiliate Link).