Spider-Man threatens Gwen Stacy

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In Amazing Spider-Man 85, Peter Parker needs to pull an act in order to protect his hidden identity as Spider-Man. He is left in a pickle when Captain Stacy, the father of his girlfriend Gwen, decides to confront him along side Gwen at his apartment. He admits him always taking Spider-Man’s photo is quite a coincidence. So Parker does what any level-headed person would do: put on his Spider-Man outfit and threaten the two of them.

Peter Parker makes some pathetic excuse to step away for a moment, then conveniently appears outside the window of the room that the Stacys are in. He threatens Gwen and her father when he demands the truth about where Peter is. What a way to treat your girlfriend, eh? Naturally Gwen lies for her man and says that he left hours ago. So now Peter knows for a fact that she is a liar.

There is more to Amazing Spider-Man 85, however. The Kingpin has been chasing someone who he thinks is having an affair with his wife. It turns out that the assailant is his son! The Kingpin is so shocked that he cannot move. Even Spider-Man, who he just captured moments ago, is able to escape and leave with no disruption.

Spider-Man 85 Gwen Stacy

What I love about old comics like this are the advertisements. Did you know that you could get your high school diploma in the mail? Or screw the diploma, how about lessons to be a professional drafter? There is even an advertisement to make you feel self-conscious about your belly fat. A woman tells a man that either the extra flab goes, or she goes! Wow.

Regardless, you should read (Affiliate Link) Amazing Spider-Man 85. These old issues with John Romita covers

Oh yeah, and Spider-Man Threatens Gwen Stacy. That is always fun too. Leave a comment.