Mexican Ghost Rider

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Hola, mis amigos. It’s hard not to think of Ghost Rider as a Caucasian male who does motorcycle stunts and resembles Nick Cage. However, there were not one but two Mexican Ghost Riders from DC Comics. They were back to back, one of them being a woman. (She reminds me of Jessica Cruz as Green Lantern.) Let’s explore Alejandra Jones who played the part of our favorite flame-skulled anti-hero.

As seen in the 2001 Ghost Rider comic series, Johnny Blaze is ready to shed his curse. However, we quickly see that it was passed on to someone else by a mysterious character named Adam. A woman soldier from Nicaragua (which is not quite Mexico per se, but whatever) takes the opportunity to become the, um, Mexican Ghost Rider in the first issue of the series. Unfortunately, Mephisto (the evil guy that originally gave Blaze his powers) explains that the character Adam wants to shed humanity of all sin, thus will take away the meaning of life for everyone. He asks Blaze to somehow rescue the new host, Alejandra Jones, and get her away from Adam.

Alejandra as Ghost Rider

Apparently, Alejandra has been raised in a temple with others for the purpose of being the spirit of vengeance for Earth. A character known as The Seeker, given the task to choose the next Ghost Rider, had chosen a Mexican woman, it seems. He tries to explain to her that she is being used by Adam, who describes himself as the embodiment of sin. Alejandra and Adam cause a massive blast that effects the entire country, burning the sin out of them.

Having her as the newest iteration of the character is an interesting concept and I’m glad DC went ahead with it. It’s nice to see a character like her being developed, and I’m sure many fans of the series were excited to see how she would fit into the story. Her introduction to the series is a unique one, as she is chosen by The Seeker to be the spirit of vengeance for Earth. I think it’s great they decided to make her a Mexican character, as it adds to the diversity of the story.

So in essence, eighteen-year-old Alejandra Jones becomes The Mexican Ghost Rider and tries to turn everyone into zombies. This comic series is a little different from the others. Johnny Blaze is constantly cracking jokes, and the seriousness of the plot is toned down. That being said, I absolutely recommend (Affiliate Link) checking this series out if you are a Johnny Blaze fan, as he is surprisingly present in these issues, despite being dismissed as the host. Leave a comment telling me your thoughts about this new perspective of a classic character.