Loki vs Dr Strange


Jan 2, 2022

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It might seem strange to imagine someone as powerful as Loki fighting Dr Strange who is only a mere human sorcerer. How does this happen? Loki doesn’t even leave his prison cell in Asgard to accomplish this. He sees an opportunity to manipulate Dr Strange from afar so as to escape and get revenge on is real enemy Thor. Does he succeed or fail? Let us delve deeper into Stranger Tales issue 123 as we see Loki versus Dr Strange.

While Dr Strange is in Greenwich Village practicing his sorcery he is shocked to see Loki suddenly appear and claim to be a good guy. In actuality Loki is imprisoned and somehow astral projects himself to Earth. Amazingly Dr Strange believes most of what he is told and comes up with a spell to steal Thor’s hammer. What is almost comical about the whole scenario is that Thor is currently flying while Dr Strange suddenly summons his Hammer away from him. This apparently means that he falls to his death.

Of course Dr Strange eventually realized that he had been fooled by Loki and decides to battle him. What we get is an entertaining Loki vs Dr Strange scenario where the two use their mystic abilities to try and trap each other. Strange manages to bring Thor’s hammer back to him before he hits the ground. Because Loki is immortal and has the “power of the universe” his abilities outweigh those of Strange. Near his limit, Thor appears just in time to save Strange from death. Loki retreats to Asgard to avoid Thor. Strange contemplates how he met his match while Thor leaves.

Another interesting thing about Stranger Tales 123 (Affiliate Link) is that it has the first appearance of The Beetle. He looks ridiculous in his stupid outfit as Torch and Thing (from Fantastic Four) try to capture him. On page 8 we get a silly image of Thing riding a motorcycle. What do you think of this issue? Should Dr Strange have won the battle? Leave a comment with your thoughts.