kravens last hunt

Ever hear of the story Kravens Last Hunt? It is a classic Spider-Man story, spanning across six issues. It is considered to be one of the best Spider-Man stories ever written. The series of comics consisted of issues of Web of Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, and Spectacular Spider-Man. Thanks for the inconvenience, Marvel.

Kravens Last Hunt is the story where Kraven defeats Spider-Man. He shoots him and buries his body in the ground. Then he dresses up like Spider-Man, and pretends to be him. Why, you ask? Because he sees it as being the ultimate “eff you”. Like kicking a guy’s ass, then doing his girlfriend. You would do it just to prove that you won.

Needless to say, Kraven does not really kill Spider-Man. He was just tranquilized or something… for two weeks. And buried, with no air. Yep, makes sense to me! Do you want to know what else made sense? Spider-Man forces his way out of his grave and goes home immediately to make love to his wife. On the next page, it shows how Spider-Man is so weak that he can barely even talk. I guess he just lied there and let his wife do all the work.

All kidding aside, Kravens Last Hunt is one of the best. A testament to this is knowing how often the story has been republished in hardcover and softcover editions. At the time of this writing, Things From Another World sells at least two versions in graphic novel form. Some have even been recolored and stuff. That has always amazed me. Why bother recoloring it? Does it really matter that much? I can tell you first hand that the original coloring was fine. Whatever. Just read it.

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