Justice League vs Fatal Five

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If you are a fan of Warner Bros DC animated movies, you are in for a real treat. With classic animation reminiscent of the Animated Batman days this straight-to-video movie is not only original but is actually pretty entertaining. That being said it does have its flaws and drawbacks so let’s explore this 2019 superhero movie Justice League vs the Fatal Five.

After a failed attempt to stop three villains from stealing a time-machine device, Starboy follows them into the past. Starboy shows up in present time from the future. He tries going to a pharmacist and asking for a particular kind of medicine he needs to function, but it does not exist yet. Batman finds him, assumes he’s crazy, and locks him up in Arkham Asylum.

This is not the only thing we get to experience in Justice League vs the Fatal Five. We also get to see the development of Jessica Cruz who is so weak willed that she is afraid to leave her own home. This is curious since she happens to have a Green Lantern ring, something only given to strong-willed individuals. Batman in particular gives her a hard time for not answering to The Justice League’s calls. Wonder Woman is more understanding and encourages her battle instincts to take effect. She is traumatized from an event in the forest where she and her friends witness someone burying a body. They then killed her friends and tried to kill her. We see her outcome three years later.

Harley Quinn hits Batman with bat

Apparently there’s a lot of “girl power” in this film since Miss Martian plays a part as well. She is trying to get into the Justice League’s good graces but Batman keeps giving her trouble as well. Meanwhile Mr Terrific makes a not-so-terrific decision by studying the time machine that the villains arrived in. They are trapped inside and Mr Terrific frees them. Since much time has passed since being locked up in Arkham, Starboy’s memories have faded. They begin to return when he hears about the villains escaping. He suddenly uses his powers to escape the building but tends to cause lots of damage to the building as well, and even accidentally allows other inmates to escape their rooms. This is a point where we get to see Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have a little fighting action. Like I said, girl power.

Jessica Cruz is forced to go along with the villains to help their friends escape from a prison. Things don’t go so well. Her ring is cut to pieces and she is hurt and trapped by rubble. In arguably the best part of the movie, Jessica pulls together her mental strength and says the Green Lantern Oath. (This might be a reference to earlier in the movie when her therapist wants her to use a mantra, but Jessica says it doesn’t work and dismisses it.) “In brightest day. In blackest night. No evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil’s might, beware my power. Green Lantern’s light.” The ring magically reassembles itself and comes back to her hand, allowing her to escape.

Jessica Cruz as Green Lantern

So it’s truly The Justice League vs The Fatal Five as they drain the Central Power Battery, which powers all Green Lantern rings, and decide to use it to fracture the sun and thus destroying all life on Earth. This to me makes no sense, as the planet Earth is much smaller than the sun, so why not destroy the Earth instead?

I think this movie is worth a watch, so hop on over to Amazon (That’s an affiliate link. Yeah they make me say that) and buy, rent, borrow or steal this movie however you can so you can enjoy it’s awesomeness. Have you watched this movie? Did you like it? Leave a comment and let me know.