Jughead Jones comics

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Who doesn’t know about Archie’s pal Jughead? A lazy and laid-back guy with a crown on his head, which represents everything we need to know about him. He’s always content, especially with food. So what makes this nonchalant kid such a great character? It’s all about how little he cares. He is the ultimate teenage boy stereotype, minus the interest in girls. He’s the type of guy that sleeps all day and doesn’t want to work. Let’s take a look at some Jughead Jones comics that show some of his well-known traits.

One story that displays his disinterest in women is The Jughead Jones Comics Digest issue 9. Our favorite eccentric character finds himself in a conundrum as he keeps running into girls in the school hallway. When I say running into, I mean literally running down the hallway and knocking over young ladies. It starts with Miss Grundy seeing Jughead on the floor with a girl named Anita, thinking that the two are embracing each other. She says that his act of not being interested in women never fooled her, and he is just like all the others. Mr Weatherbee witnesses the same thing when Jughead, again, slips and falls into two girls in the hallway. This routine continues, and the other girls immediately begin to show interest in him, compounding his dilemma. They think that him being so bold must mean that there is something about him that they had overlooked. Jughead, amusingly, says that his reputation is being ruined.

Jughead Jones hates girls

In The Jughead Jones Comics Digest issue 24, Jughead demonstrates his obsession with food. We see that Jughead practices Transcendental Meditation. Veronica explains to Archie that to practice it, you need to repeat a mantra over to and over to yourself in order to keep out obtrusive thoughts, and free your mind of unconscious controls. Veronica says her mantra is “money” (because she comes from a wealthy family) and Jughead says his mantra is “hamburger”. He puts himself into a trance by repeating the mantra and walks himself into a restaurant. Since he keeps repeating “hamburger”, the cook gives him some hamburgers. Veronica insists that he comes up with a different mantra. The story ends with him putting himself into a trance by repeating “pizza”.

Jughead Jones likes Hamburgers

As a final example, you could look in The Jughead Jones Comics Digest issue 54 to see how he is perceived as lazy. He admits that most people have the impression that he is a shiftless idler, unwilling to work. But he says that’s not true, it’s just that ordinary jobs don’t appeal to him. He prefers to earn money using his wits, like selling alibis for school tardiness or absences. He cites another example where he helps out guys who rent scary movies, so their girlfriends jump into their arms. Furthermore, he throws pebbles at the windows to help scare them, and makes moaning noises.

Jughead Jones is Lazy

So there you have it. Through various Jughead Jones comics, we can see that he is a lazy, impotent glutton. Now that I think about it, he’s living in paradise. He doesn’t work a wage job, and he’s not anchored down in a relationship. By doing side hustles, he manages to work tax-free. He then uses the money to give himself a dopamine hit by eating fast food. This guy is a genius. Be sure to grab the comics (Affiliate Link) mentioned in this article, so you can read the stories yourself. Unless you’re lazy. You’re not lazy, are you?