James Howlett

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Since you’ve heard Wolverine referred to as Logan so many times, you probably assumed that Logan was always his name. However, an origin story brings some clarity as we see him as a child. What is interesting though is that the story is told in a way where you think Wolverine is another character (because he’s named Logan) but you find out later that Wolverine is in fact James Howlett, which turned out to be his original name.

The place to read this story is a comic called Wolverine: The Origin, a six issue miniseries. The story starts with seeing a twelve-year-old girl named Rose given the task of being James Howlett’s companion. He is still a child, and suffers from severe allergies. He also has a problem with water, so he spends much of his time indoors. Meanwhile, a groundskeeper named Thomas Logan has a son nicknamed “Dog”. Logan is the kind of father that kisses his son using his fist, if you get my meaning. It doesn’t help that he’s a chronic alcoholic, who’s angry that he is poor, and his older son is rich.

Dog and Rose from Wolverine The Origin

When Dog tries to have his way with Rose, James runs to try and get help from his father. Eventually, after James’ father John is killed, James Howlett loses his nerve and kills Logan with his bone claws. You could say that this was the “first” time Wolverine had used them. This is seen at the end of issue 2.

So why did the groundskeeper Thomas Logan look exactly like Wolverine and carried the name Logan if Wolverine is actually James Howlett? There is implication that Thomas Logan had a secret relationship with Wolverine’s mom, Elizabeth Howlett. However, it was never stated that Thomas Logan is James Howlett’s father in this miniseries.

Thomas Logan in Wolverine The Origin

The point of Wolverine: The Origin is to finally explain Wolverine’s background. However, for many, it just added to the confusion. The storytelling makes it hard to know who the characters are. For example, James has a father named John, two named starting with the same letter. What is cool, though, is the artwork has a sort of sketchy feeling, as if charcoal drawings or paintings made in the same time period that the story is told. We also get more perspective, of course, about Wolverine’s background and find out his original name. The popularity of the comic has made it a collectable, but not to the point where it is unobtainable. Any Wolverine fan would be honored to have acquired (Affiliate Link) this miniseries for their collection.

Why His Name is Not Significant

Although Wolverine’s true name is James Howlett, it must be said that this may be regarded as rather unessential in the greater context of the character. Contrary to other superheroes, there is nothing peculiar about Wolverine’s real name; it does not carry any symbolic value or bring out an enigma from his history. His animalistic behavior and aggressive image make him bear the pseudonym Wolverine.

But why, when secret identities and real names are so significant in the world, is Wolverine’s real name not given such importance? The solution lies within the nature of the character and his birth.

It was in 1974 when Wolverine debuted in The Incredible Hulk #180. But, at that point in time, his true name had not been divulged. And one year later, readers were given an introduction to his past, which also included his real name when it was revealed in Giant-Size X-Men #1. However, this was not considered a major development or even a critical part of the plot; it was simply another bit of information that enriched the character’s backstory.

Wolverine’s character was developed with a mysterious element. He was portrayed as a loner, a rebel, and his real name had no bearing on his true self. Instead, it was his abilities, demeanor, and choices that defined him. This specific trait of his character struck a chord with fans, distinguishing him from all the other superheroes.

The name of Wolverine, or his birth name, does not matter so much since it has been retconned and changed multiple times in the comics. His real name was once known in the Origin story as James Howlett, then later in other issues was again replaced with Logan. The latter fact, besides being highly consistent with the main point, makes it evident that the real name is not a fundamental element of his character.

Another point that needs attention here is that in the X-Men series, Wolverine is known as Logan, not his real name. But this decision does not impact his story or character development in any way. So it clearly indicates that in different versions of the story, his real name is not an important characteristic.

Although it is true that in some cases that a character’s real name carries some significance, it does not apply to all characters. In the case of Wolverine, his real name is an essential part of his character, but it does not serve as a definition of who he is. What matters most are his traits, abilities, and deeds that make him one of the most beloved characters in Marvel Comics. So let’s love Wolverine just the way he is and not delve too deeply into his real name.