Is Tom Hardy Gay

If you had seen Max Max: Fury Road, you probably kicked the nearest object into the wall and yelled to the heavens, “Where is Mel Gibson? Who the hell is this?!” The answer to that question is Tom Hardy. Born Edward Thomas Hardy, he’s known professionally as simply ‘Tom Hardy.’
Tom is an English actor, film producer, and formerly, a model. The heart-throb pretty boy began his career acting in war dramas together with fellow hunky newcomer actors. He studied at the esteemed Drama Centre but left school early to be part of the Band of Brothers, an award-winning HBO series.

But the most interesting thing about him, in my opinion, is that he admitted participating in gay acts in the December 2008 issue of Attitude magazine. And what kind of magazine is that, you ask? The gayest kind. The interview referenced RocknRolla, a movie here he played a gay guy so deep in the closet that he was finding Christmas presents.

So is Tom Hardy gay like his character role in RocknRolla? Maybe. When confronted, he exploded like the LZ 129 Hindenburg. According to the book Never Be Lied To Again, the guilty will do this sort of thing and become defensive. Infamously, he refused to answer an inquiry about his sexuality in the worst way possible. During the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, Tom Hardy put up a defense wall so high that he might as well have screamed, “I am not a homo”. Which is ironic because he was basically sucking his own dick during the self-serving press conference.

Sexuality aside, Tom Hardy has done a wide range of acting. Across stage acting, television and movies, his resume is vast. I do not discount the amount of effort it must have taken him to reach as far as he had. The first time I saw him, he played young Captain Picard in Star Trek: Nemesis. I figured he was chosen mostly due to his resemblance to Patrick Stewart. How he reached the fame he has now, I will never know.

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