Is Green Lantern Black?

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This is a common question, due to confusion across different mediums. In the 2011 movie, we see a white Green Lantern starring Ryan Reynolds. But ten years earlier, we saw in shows like the Justice League animated series that Green Lantern is black. So which is it? Is Green Lantern black, white, or something else? The answer to this question is “none of the above”, since Green Lantern is not portrayed as one character, but as many.

The Green Lantern Corps, which is sort of like a space police that protects different galaxies, has many members that are all considered Green Lanterns. Since they come from different planets, they come in all shapes and sizes. What is interesting, though, is that there are several from Earth. As explained in season 4, episode 19 of Young Justice, “It’s hard to find qualified Green Lanterns. Somehow, the screwy conditions on Earth produce a lot of potential candidates.” One of the members is Hal Jordan, regarded as one of the greatest of the corps, who is white. Another is Jessica Cruz, an ironic candidate due to her fearful background, who is Hispanic. A third is John Stewart, a black Green Lantern who prominently appears in TV shows, making him among the most popular with fans.

What’s intriguing about John Stewart in the comics is that his power surpasses what is provided by his ring. According to the 2021 Green Lantern comic book series, Stewart possesses the power of a god. He can absorb cosmic energy, which basically makes him invincible. (Be sure to grab this (Affiliate Link) if you are interested in this series.)

So bottom line, is Green Lantern black? Disregarding the other countless Green Lanterns in the Corps, John Stewart stands out as an exceptional Green Lantern that happens to be African-American. He’s also from Earth, and we all know that the best source of strong-willed creatures come from the big blue globe, am I right? Let me know in the comments who you think is the best Green Lantern.