Iron Man escapes from Prison

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As a super hero, you would expect Iron Man to be a law abiding citizen. This is not the case, as Tony Stark is a douche substance abuser who needs a special suit to adjust his drunken stagger. You may be familiar more with the Iron Man movie, where Tony stark happens to be played by Robert Downey Jr, who coincidentally also happens to be a douche substance abuser. But you are here to learn how Iron Man escaped from prison, or how he even got there in the first place. Read on to find out how.

It all takes place in Iron Man vs Whiplash, a four issue mini series (Affiliate Link) that probably only existed to coincide with the second film. (You know what I mean, the kind of comic that was published to bring brand awareness and interest to new readers.) The plot in a nutshell is that Tony Stark was cloned to get around the security measures to use his suit. This sort of ruse comes in handy for those who would want to steal and replicate his technology. When one of these clones performs a public attack, Stark is naturally blamed for all the damage. Ergo, he ends up in prison.

Predictably, Iron Man escapes from prison. The trouble, though, is that he does this in the most laughable and ridiculous way. Using scraps and parts from around the prison, he manages to build a makeshift Iron Man suit and hide it within his mattress. It shows him gathering parts like a soup ladle and a washing machine engine. Somehow these kind of things suffice in quietly building a super-weapon with no tools or equipment. (At least when he did this sort of thing in the first movie, he had access to things like sheet metal, fuel and nuclear arms.) He crashes through a wall and escapes on a conveniently available helicopter, without so much as a single guard firing at him.
Iron Man vs Whiplash
When Iron Man escapes from prison finally, he rents out the royal penthouse suite in a hotel without anyone doing as much as blinking an eye. The person at the hotel counter says it costs sixty-five thousand dollars a night, and Penny hands him the corporate credit card. Apparently being a fugitive is not the kind of thing that would lead to the FBI freezing or tracking your assets.

I did not even talk about the part where Whiplash tries to kill him while in prison. If you are interested in this part of the story, you need to read it for yourself. However, I trust that you will find what I previously discussed to be far more entertaining.